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Liens and Medical Funding

Barriers to recovery, such as cost of care, often cause patients to unnecessarily wait for the care they so desperately need in order to recover from their injuries. One such source of relief in these scenarios can be medical funding.



Even More Value Coming Soon!

We are constantly developing additional training content with our staff and in conjunction with other expert training companies. Here are few course that will be available soon:

Impairment Training
This course features content created by the editor in chief of the AMA Guides. Learn the right way to recognize permanent injuries and how to create an wining impairment report. 
Want to make sure you’re doing your impairment correctly? Use ImpairCheck. This amazing service will help you confidently defend your impairment findings.
The best online impairment creating software on the market. I use this service everyday in my medical validating business. This tool will slam dunk your impairment findings and help your patients get the settlement they deserve!


Looking even farther ahead, watch for these courses:

  • PI Pediatric Training 
  • PI Concussion Training and Certification
  • PI Jaw/Dental Injury Training and Certification