Leading in Personal Injury Care Communication

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Darwin

Pragma Intel helps PI professionals gain greater confidence, skill and strength to successfully meet the medical needs of today’s acute traumatic injury patients. With our Seminars, Webinars, Training, and Tools to Build Successful PI Practices, you can learn how to quickly adapt to the ever changing medical reporting requirements of the liability insurance industry.

We offer the following courses to enable you to succeed:

COLOSSUS Certification – TRAIN TO WIN!

The Pragma Intel TRAIN TO WIN Colossus Training & Certification program provides today’s most concise, focused and on-track clinical procedures ever developed or treating physicians and their staff.

Pragma’s training and certification materials have been derived from providing med-legal insight and strategies for thousands of PI clinical cases. Our experience with medical record analysis, injury validation tools, redirected treatment plans, and improved documentation and communication of injury to insurers, have resulted in improved medical valuation and significantly better reimbursements for care. This is the most comprehensive personal injury physician, clinical staff training, and legal team training program you will ever encounter. Read More

Documentation and Coding of Communications

The Documentation & Coding of Communications is a 3-hour audio only training program on how you can get paid to communicate with all caregivers, providers and representatives on a PI case. It’s a no frills, profitable tool that works well.

This course provides instructions on how to use the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT – the therapy codes doctors use to get paid for their care), showing you how to get paid when reviewing  medical records, speaking with patients on the phone, sending/receiving emails, texting, working with family members/guardians on care support instructions, reporting to representatives (legal representatives, including attorneys) and most importantly how to get compensated for reviewing and incorporating other treating doctor’s and therapist’s records to help you bring great recovery care to your patients! Read More