Coding of Communications


The Coding of Communications is an audio training program on how to get paid to communicate with all caregivers, providers and representatives on a PI case. It’s a no frills, profitable tool that works well for everyone who is communicating with the treating team regarding a patients progress in a personal injury claim.

This 3-module course provides instructions on how to use the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) to get paid to read medical records, speak with patients on the phone, send/receive emails, texts, working with family members on care support instructions, guardians, representatives (attorneys and other legal representatives) and most importantly how to get paid to read other doctors and therapists records to manage great recovery care for your PI patients.

There are strict requirements for using these codes, and this course will help treating providers document all communication encounters, how to correctly submit the required note formats and give the doctor training on validating the use of these CPT communication codes.



You will receive coding and reporting instructions to bill for:
  • Excessive time spent with a patient face-to-face
  • Extra time spent reviewing patient records
  • Time spent with other providers, physician and non-physician
  • Use of telemedicine communication tools (phone calls, emails, texting, video calls, and more to come)
  • Radiograph re-reads and over reads
  • Attorney conference calls
  • and more

The course is downloadable an an eBook for easy reference. It has example forms for each referenced code and templates to download and use in the clinic in submitting to PI insurers for reimbursement.


“In healthcare you don’t get reimbursed for communicating, even though there are codes for it, and you’re “expected” to do it. That’s because healthcare is not PI care.” Tom Grant, DC


Want to be paid for the vast amount of skill you are gaining in understanding how offer enhanced care for your PI patients and how to get reimbursed for your knowledge? With this is very important too you can provide valuable  communication services for your patients and their attorneys!


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