Enhance your career by becoming a PRAGMA PI Certified Physical Therapist today!

As a physical therapist, COLOSSUS training is important to your career. Here is a glimpse at why this should be important to you:


Obtain marketable Expert PI Training and Certification

Being recognized as an expert in the field of personal injury care is an important step to acquiring the attention of the public and of the med-legal services industry. Obtaining COLOSSUS TRAINED AND CERTIFIED status is more than just a confidence builder, it is an essential part of delivering traumatic injury care to your community. So many traumatic injuries resulting from car crashes remain undiscovered. Without prompt and knowledgeable treatment, the resulting long-term degenerative diseases that will develop in these individuals will burden communities, healthcare costs, decrease wellbeing, damage productivity and lower earning capacity in your community. Proper injury examinations, documentation and recovery services made available by expertly trained physicians help improve the communities where they serve.

Increase attorney confidence for your clinical delivery

The demand for clinical excellence is growing in the legal community. COLOSSUS TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION makes you an indispensable resource to law firms wanting to help their clients get the best possible medical care for their injuries, a differing care approach program that is lost on the current healthcare industry. Traumatic injuries are not trivial and they require the expert mind and hands of COLOSSUS TRAINED AND CERTIFIED doctors.

The most often heard complaint is that of “physicians not knowing how to put together winning reports”. The language used, the placement and application of specific medical terminology, the kinds and timing of diagnostic studies and more is all key to producing impressive results that attorneys can use to recover just compensation for each injured person’s losses. Build greater attorney confidence in your services with COLOSSUS TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION.

Proven communication skills to protect against denials of care and discounted billing

Proving medical necessity is more than avoiding denials of care and lost revenue. Medical necessity is the foundation of a well constructed medical value. Even when no denial of care action is visible, these denials still occur during settlement negotiations, long after your treatments have concluded. Engaging in strong, tactical medical procedures and reporting language from the onset of care results in solid treatment plans and defensible outcomes. PRAGMA INTEL delivers the tools that will help you defend your services through its COLOSSUS TRAINING, delivering expert insurance communications training.

Develop ironclad interdisciplinary collaboration tools

Collaboration means more than just referring your patient out after all of your treatments have failed. Your patients are expecting you to recommend their best recovery options. The timing of referrals to additional experts is critical. Specific types of injuries can only be irrefutably diagnosed during the first 2-3 weeks post injury, while the evidence of recent injury is at it’s highest confirmation.

Collaboration is also a concise medical strategy of ironclad interdisciplinary partnership with select medical professionals, calling on the right expertise to co-manage vital recovery care and substantiate severity of injury and treatment. Co-management of care assures doctor-to-doctor communication, helping to make all of the best recovery options available for the patient. Case management is a necessary path for traumatic injury recovery and it also a reimbursable service*. Learn how to correctly navigate your patients critical course of medical case management.

*Pragma Intel Documentation & Coding of Communications.