The Pragma Intel TRAIN TO WIN Colossus Training & Certification program provides today’s most concise, focused and on-track clinical procedures ever developed for treating physicians and their staff.

Pragma’s training and certification materials have been derived from providing thousands of PI clinical cases with medical record analysis, injury validation tools, redirected treatment plans, and improved documentation and communication of injury to insurers, resulting in improved medical valuation and better reimbursements for care. This is the most comprehensive personal injury physician and clinical staff training, and legal team training program you will ever encounter.

Session Videos to Guide You to Personal Injury Success

During 9 video training session videos Dr. Grant will guide you through the steps of what it takes to construct a strong personal injury case.

Implement Positive Personal Injury Practices Immediately

Each session gives you practical methods that can be applied to your practice, using proven tools give you solid direction in achieving optimal results.

Become Certified in Pragma’s Colossus Training Methods

We have certificate programs that ensure your key team members are prepared to understand how to effectively communicate the medical care an injured person should receive and how to communicate successfully with all caregivers, legal representation and insurers about the injured person’s recovery process and the final outcome of their care.

Pragma Intel’s self-paced Colossus Level 1 Training & Certification Course is delivered in 10 Modules. You will receive access to the program & Free updates for 1 year & Advanced Training webinars, Support, FAQ’s and more!

Each course module contains:

  • Video Presentation
  • Online Presentation Notes
  • Downloadable Handouts
  • Downloadable Office Forms
  • Quiz

In addition you are given

  • 1 year of unlimited access to your selected course
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Q&A Support
  • Discounts on additional products and services

The Q&A Support is where Dr Grant will answer questions related to the Colossus course materials as well as general questions you have about the business of PI. Once you are a subscriber you will have access to archived content and can submit additional questions.


Check out some lesson videos from our courses:

Preview Module 1: Vehicle Damage Documentation from Tom Grant