Tom Grant, DC  Med-Legal Consultant

Treating Providers, Feeling discredited and devalued by the auto insurance industry?

Dr. Grant is here to help!

Whether you’re a legal expert or treating provider, he wants to give you the training, coaching, and tools you need to succeed in the Personal Injury industry.

Colossus Level 1-2 Certified

Pragma Intel

PI Certification Task Force



15+ Years in Practice

Clinics in Georgia & Utah


Utilize PI practice tools to boost your patient and PI Attorney satisfaction


I have known Tom for years and he has done a fantastic job at educating and influencing the physician and attorney communities.
Jim Mathis

This program offers the key to unlock Colossus… not unlocking it your patient will suffer with small offers that often will not even cover the care they desperately need. It is a “must take course,” if you want to help people in PI. If you see PI patients, you must take this course.
P.C., DC – UT

The first module was worth the cost of the whole course. Such valuable information. This will set me apart from the rest for sure, and make me more valuable to attorneys. Every doc needs this material!
B.H., DC – GA

I have found Dr. Tom Grant’s training methods to be efficient, quick, and easy to follow. His medical validation reporting formats are detailed, well organized, and easy to use. He has been able to answer all of my questions regarding personal injury medical reporting language, term utilization, coding content, impairment reporting, and insurance reporting language and structure.
A.A., MD – AR

Dr. Grant and his Team are revolutionary for the PI community. I have literally never had someone speak the insurance industry language as well as Dr. Grant. He knows how to assist you in developing a claim for maximum settlement value. Not only is his attention to detail superb, but he goes above and beyond to equip you with the tools you need to be successful in every negotiation. I only wish I had known about Dr. Grant sooner!

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