Why do you need us?

“The difference between a $100 bill and a $1 bill is the message on the paper.” How’s your message being delivered?

Healthcare is not personal injury care, it doesn’t provide a structure to compensate injury victims. Healthcare does not:

  • Help the doctor deliver a med-legal documentation package.
  • Tell the full story of medical necessity.
  • Convey the enormity of traumatic injuries often found in personal injury events, nor their severity
  • Empower the doctor to document indirect losses due to at-fault negligence (spouse/family distress, lost wages, duties under duress, loss of enjoyment, more)

It’s a tough battle out there, but you can train to win the battle for medical necessity, get better reimbursements, and stronger patient settlements.


Insurance Claim Dilution

When the liability insurers introduced computer software claims management back in the mid 1980‘s, the software was intended to augment the adjusters role in determining the medical needs of an injured person in accordance with the policy limitations, with the purpose being to aid adjusters in determining what was necessary to help the injured experience a full recovery from their injuries.

That purpose is still there, yet payments for medical care are becoming increasingly difficult to get reimbursed.

The old methods that doctors and attorneys used in finding, reporting, treating and getting for reimbursed for services is out of date. Without ongoing training, you can’t keep up with changes being made by insurers that get you paid for medical or legal services. Doctors and attorneys need to update their understanding of the current protocols for injury discovery, validations, reporting and management requirements. You need to know how insurers are denying your services. You need irrefutable evidence to validate injury severity and use the latest in acceptable treatment forms, coding & documentation structure that will be accepted by the insurers new Artificial Intelligence tools that govern your reimbursements.

Pragma Intel's training courses help guide doctors and law firms to properly communicate with insurers about all of a person’s injuries and symptoms. Powerful communication tools have been developed to successfully convey traumatic injury and it’s effects on the victim. Use our proven methods to significantly influence the outcome of claims settlements for better medical reimbursements that provide greater financial relief for the injured.


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Why Pragma Intel leads in Personal Injury Training

Our founder, Dr Tom Grant, DC is called upon by attorneys to help highlight injury medical value. Nationwide, he reviews physician treatment records, provides medical validation expertise, impairment discovery, develops treatment strategies and more. In his training...

In his training, Dr. Grant shares with you how you can provide these essential services early into a case.

Joining our Pragma Intel family of expertly trained professionals will help you gain insight on how to be the best medical and legal teams in professional injury recovery services.



  • I have learned so much from Dr. Grant and his approach to personal injury care. From documentation and billing to getting insurance to cover what they should, Dr. Grant has it worked out with amazing clarity. I thought I knew most of the ins and outs, but Dr. Grant was able to show me where I have been falling short and missing opportunities to find and treat hidden injuries, providing the best care for my patients. There is so much to learn and I have only just begun. – KB, DC of UT

    KB, DC - UT,